22 March 2008

Meet the Browns

Last night, it was Girls Night Out!

Steven has had to work the evening news shift this week (and part of next week as well), so that meant no Friday Night Date....ugggghhhhh! After a few minutes of wondering what to do on a Friday night, with no husband, I decided to call up Wanda and go to dinner and a movie.

Wander & I went and ate tacos, burritos, and chips n salsa at the new Chiptole in town (we always go to the same resaraunts--Chipotle or El Maguey)! It was really somethin...even the hateful woman who slopped guacamole on my tacos (wait a minute...it wasn't on my tacos, it was on the side of the basket). I mean, she literally THREW the guac on there, and some of it hit her in the hand and she had to change gloves...poor thing! Anyway, the dinner was good, and the company was a riot. It's nice to have some girl time every now and then.

Then, we went to see Tyler Perry's new movie, Meet the Browns. It was so funny! For all of you who are fans (like I am) of Dairy of a Mad Black Woman, this one is hilarious, too! I even posted the trailer for your viewing pleasure...

15 March 2008

Funny Video of Human Tetris

You all have GOT to watch this! I haven't laughed this hard in quite a while! I stole the video off of my dear friend Shelly's blog (without permission, I know). But I couldn't help it! I was laughing so hard that my mother came in to join me, and she got addicted to watching as well.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. It's a Japanese video of these crazy men trying to get into these funky formations to avoid getting doused in the yellow water behind them. Totally hilarious!

08 March 2008

Continuing my Education

I will be attending Graduate School in the Fall!

As some of you already know, I applied in January to a grant-funded program that is certifying teachers to teach ELL students (students whose native language is something other than English). Over 5 years, the state of Missouri is going to certify 100 teachers, and I feel that it is a great opportunity for me to get started working towards my Master's Degree.

The program (called ELL-MO) provides a scholarship which completely pays for your tuition. I will only have to pay for books and other student-related items. I have a friends who is currently in the program, and she says she pays about $100 a semester. The program will start this fall. I will take 2 classes this fall, 2 in the winter, and 2 more in the summer. Then in the fall of next year, I will be doing my practicum in my own classroom.

I know it will be hard, but I am really excited about this opportunity and excited to get started towards another degree. If you want to check out the particulars, and know more specifics about the program/scholarship, click on this link: ELL-MO Program.

Wish me luck....

06 March 2008

¡Feliz CumpleaƱos!

That's right...Today I'm celebrating my 28th Birthday! I know it's a shocker to most of you that I am this old, but I really am. I'm sure my mother wishes she could "put me back where I came from some days" but for me, my life has been a journey of learning, growing, making mistakes, trying to be in charge of everything 100% of the time, stressing, love, and lots of laughter.
Thank you for being a part of my life, and for sharing my life with me. It's nice to be appreciated and feel that you are loved. Today, I am grateful for my many friends. Even though we might be thousands of miles away, and we might not even talk that much anymore, I appreciate each of you and have learned from each of you. May the next chapters in my life be as productive, and may they continue to be blessed by each and every one of you.

02 March 2008

My Prediction

I'm announcing my prediction for the winner of the 2008 American Idol competition. This year, he comes from Murray, Utah. He's 17 years old, and his name is


It's NOT ME!!!
(got ya, didn't I...)

My sister-in-law is going to be having another baby and I'm so excited for her! It's been a long road for her and my brother, and I'm happy to announce that they will be having their third child in August (I think).

Congrats Phil & Bekah!

New Cell Phones


Steven & I are going to be getting a new cell phone provider/carrier next month. We are currently customers of AT&T, but in order to get a better deal, and get NEW phones, and to get ourselves onto ONE cell phone plan, we have decided to look elsewhere. AND...I'd like to know what you think....

Sprint, Verizon, US Cellular...?

Who do you use, and why? Do you like your service? Give me the low down...and I mean it!

I've kinda started looking at Sprint, so I'm really interested in knowing about them. I've looked closely at two phones....tell me what you think of each:
  1. Sanyo Katana II
2. Samsung Upstage

So, give me your input, and I'd love to hear from you all. We have a couple of weeks to narrow the decision, so I need your help!!!!