21 February 2010


Okay, so like a lot of you, I've been trying to lose weight recently.

Okay, so I really haven't done anything too drastic...I'm just trying to cut back on portion sizes, eat out less, and buy healthier foods in general.

So...this has been since the start of the school year.  
August 2009.

Now, it's February 2010.  You're probably thinking--WOW!  That's 7 months.  10 pounds a month is about average....so 70 pounds.  

YA RIGHT.....5 pounds/month is more like it.  So....that means minus 35 pounds.


So, here's my predicament:

Do I look skinnier?  NO.
Do I feel skinnier?  YES.
How much weight does the scale say I've lost?  TOTAL: 12 pounds.

TWELVE POUNDS in 7 months.  
That sucks!

I want to do better.  But how?

Do I have TIME to get to the gym everyday?  NO.
Some days, I am only home for 1 hour in between school, work, music lessons, meetings, more meetings, and what-not.  For the past month, I've had to go to physical therapy for my back twice a week.  It's been snowing or raining...and it's dang cold.  Have I felt like going to the gym?  NO.  Do I remind Steven every week that this week is going to be different...that I'm going to make time to go to the gym?  YES.

So here I am.  I still feel LARGE. My clothes fit better, though.  I'm able to wear some pants and skirts I haven't worn in a while.  So...that's good.  Does the scale prove anything, anyway?  Well...I'd like it to say that I've lost weight, too.  I'd like others to notice that I look thinner...that's ALWAYS motivating and encouraging.  But so far--nada.

For now, I guess I'll have to settle with ME being the only one who can see the difference.  Is it just ME, or does this happen to anyone else?

13 February 2010

- From then 'til now -

From wonderful parents

to six sisters

and Superman...

From Ruby Tuesday workdays

to Journalism (a REAL job)...

From funny faces

of your former "single" days...

To Russia to serve a 2 year mission for the LDS church...

From watching Sports

to attempting to play them....

then back to only becoming a crazy & dedicated fan....

From big appetites

and crazy voices

to one LONG float trip in the Singles Ward

(can you see me?)

All the way to find ME...

who'd been from college in Idaho

to Student teach in Las Vegas

From a mission in Chile

all the way to mid-Missouri to find YOU.

From dating

to engagement

to the temple

We were destined to find each other.

No matter how crazy our pasts (stretch pants for me, Star Trek uniforms for you)

I'm glad we did what we did.

All of it lead to us finding each other.

Steven, I love you.

Happy Valentine's Day!

05 February 2010


Okay, I know I've been slackin' and only posting videos lately....but this is a MUST SEE! 

The Grammy performance by PINK, herself.

Personally, I love her voice.  I love dancing on DDR to her songs.  I don't have her CD, but I need to own her new one.  I saw her on Oprah today, and it made me go to You Tube today to see for myself what all the hype was about.  

My take on it:  WOW!  She is talented!  REALLY cool.  The outfit...hey- if you've got it, and she's definitely got it...go for it.  You can't see anything.  Would I wear it?  Hecks no...but I would be tempted if I could pull it off :).

Check it out for yourself, and leave a comment on what you think about it: