28 January 2010

a slump....

Ya, not much to say.
I've been having back issues (again).
I took both painkillers together last night....it was a terrible night!
I've been to the Dr. twice this month.
I finally feel okay.
I go to a physical therapist today.
Master's classes have started again. The teacher is a bit odd (overly-cheery). It's going to be a LOT of reading and projects.
American Idol is still funny.
Any news to share w/ me will only brighten my day/week even more.
So hurry up...post now!

14 January 2010

New Favorite Contestant

SOOOOOOOOOO appropriate for my Jr. High kids!!!

13 January 2010

Best of the Night...

See for yourself.

Whether or not you watched Idol or not last night (Tues. 1/12), doesn't matter.  What matters is that you see the BEST performance from Boston, Day 1.  

C'mon...if you saw it, you KNOW this one is the best. YET.  

Check it out below, for yourself:

12 January 2010


Of course....


Love everything about it!

I'm excited about this season b/c of Ellen being on the show.  LOVE that woman!  She cracks me up!  And let's be honest...it needs a new face...they can't frazzle up the stage any more, and we don't want Ryan Seacrest to get any crazier than he is!!!

I'm sad b/c Paula is leaving.  Who DIDN'T love all the drama she brought to the show?!!? Her hairstyles made me crack up, and gave me something to laugh about.  Her "comeback" as a dancer/singer last season was one of the WORST things I've ever seen on national tv...but was it worse than Adam Lambert's stunt??!!  (I'll let you decide on that one).

But, my FAVORITE part of the whole thing happens NOW, starting tonight!!!  And it is the auditions!  I LOVE the crazies who get dressed up, thinking they are definitely Hollywood material, and get up there and pull some crazy stunts!  I know some of them are doing it on purpose, but c'mon...they are funny anyway.  If they are stupid enough to camp outside the arena and wait in line for days, just to get their "moment of fame" on the American Idol season...bring it on!

And here are my top TWO favorite auditions:

(1) Leroy Wells: the most incomprehensible of ALL TIME!

(2) Mary Roach--the most PSYCHO contestant yet!

What about you?  Who is YOUR favorite?

07 January 2010


So, I was a BIT bored a minute ago.

I went to GOOGLE, and didn't know what to type in.

So, I hit "I'm feeling lucky"....

TRY IT, and see what happens!

05 January 2010