28 June 2010

The long awaited day of travel...

Sorry to disappoint you.

But, Steven took most of the photos of our travel experience to Greece.  

There is one problem, which is why there are no photos, and I refuse to tell you the whole story of our trip, until we can get ALL of the pictures, and tell you step by step what we experienced.  

You see, it all started a few days before departure.  We bought a "new & improved" SD card for Steven's camera, and it supposed to be "ooh so nice".  Well, new & improved things don't always work with old/outdated electronic items.  You see, our computer is old, and my camera is also too old to read the new memory card.  

I even thought I was a bit ahead of the game, since I really did think of this BEFORE the trip.  I went to Amazon.com and bought a "card reader" that plugs into a USB outlet on the computer.  So, I thought we'd be okay when we returned and we'd get to upload our pics using our new SD card reader.  Well...this didn't end so well.  I shipped the card reader to my parent's address, who live nearby, but they are in Arizona this week...so I can't get my card reader until next week.


Sorry guys, but you'll have to wait another week to hear of our marvelous adventures to Europe with 40 teenagers.  :/

For now, enjoy the pic of our HAPPIEST of faces.  Obviously, this is BEFORE the drama all started.
Stay tuned for more details & pics...

25 June 2010

Just because I can....

Here are a few pics of our recent trip
to Greece, Italy, & Spain.

Don't be too jealous!


This first pic comes from the METEORA region of Greece.  We visited 2 monasteries (one for nuns, and the other for monks).  There were originally over 25 built on the rocks of Meteora, but today only 5 are still standing.  A.Maze.Ing.

This second pic, is obviously, from the acropolis. Sorry about the random guy's head in the foreground. He wouldn't move.  R-u-de.  Anyway, we hiked up to the top in over 100 degree weather, at 2pm, right in the middle of the hot-ness, having had no lunch.  Yes, I can't believe it myself.  This is only ONE of the many "unbelievable" things that happened to us (that were not-so-pleasant).  But we'll save the ugly part of the trip for later.  Regardless, it was amazing to see such sites as this.

We took a day cruise to 3 of the Greek isles: Poros, Hydra, & Aegina.  This was my favorite place to shop, relax, and enjoy the atmosphere of Greece.  My favorite souvenirs came from Greece.  It was hotter than hot, let me tell you.  BUT, well worth it!

Of course, who can go to Italy without going to Pisa?!  Little did I know, the leaning tower wasn't the only thing around...there was an entire square of things to visit and see.  In the background, you can see the famous tower...but the cathedral in the middle was quite impressive!  The large round building you see a small piece of on the left was the baptistery...and oh my!  It was incredible.  Steven has a video of the acoustics demonstration...it is something to look forward to seeing!


This is only part of the famous cathedral, La Sagrada Familia, the Holy Family. It will take over 200 years to complete.  No, we didn't get to go inside...but to walk around the entire square was simply breathtaking.  The total cost of building this is astronomical, but I'd love to go back and see it if it is finished in my lifetime.

Well, folks.  That's only a small sample of the amazing time we had in Europe these past few days.  GREAT food. GREAT sites. GREAT souvenirs.  

Who could ask for more?

02 June 2010


Yes...I KNOW...I need to post about our new purchase (aka home).

However, I need to get to making dinner & unpacking....
that seems to be all I'm good at doing lately.

oh...and getting the internet working, getting pulled over by a cop, packing/unpacking, and spending money.

For now...a cute display of where in the US I've been-