25 March 2009

Gone to Arizona

Vacation in Arizona

Just a few pics from my vacation in Arizona...

Some lil desserts that I got creative with one evening. Some strawberry mallows covered in chocolate and some sprinkles...

My almost 5 year old newphew, Sione, with the cutest lil curls you've ever seen! It's hard to get him to smile for very long, so enjoy this hard-to-capture moment!
And here is Sione, again...showing off his cool new trick: blowing BIG bubbles....
SEE ???
And here's Filipe, riding Sione's bike. He thinks he's REAL good at it. Notice his rather LARGE flip flops. Those are his big brother's, too...
Can you find SPIDERMAN in this picture? That is his favorite thing to play with these days...
And here we are riding the Carousel at the Phoenix Zoo...of course, he HAD to ride on the Lion!
Well, all this fun ends tomorrow. SAD! But that was my wonderful, relaxing, and fun little week of a Spring Break.
What about you? What did you do this week?

11 March 2009

Still here...

I'm STILL SICK! I'm sick of being sick, and sick of being sick of being sick!!!!

I am going to visit my doctor today for the 5th time. I have been sick since December, folks. Every time we talk, she says, "Ok, if this doesn't work...I'll have to send you to a specialist." Those days have come, gone, and they're STILL coming. I'm practically begging the woman to send me to someone else. GOSH...do I need to bring a weapon and threaten violence here? C'mon...I need some freakin' relief here, lady!!

Ok, sorry to get so graphic, but here's a rundown of my experiences in a nut shell:

December: I got a mild cold (I thought) and took Sudafed. Two weeks later, I switched to Mucinex. I thought I was cured, but nope--it came back! This time I tried Amoxicilian. Didn't cut it completely.

January: School starts again, and I try Bactirium (I had some left overs). Felt GREAT, but it still came back. I went to the Doctor, and she says "How did you get a hold of so many antibiotics? I didn't prescribe any of them to you..." UGH! That was the wrong thing to say to her. She tells me I have allergies and sends me to buy Zyrtek D. $20 for one week's worth. After finishing it, IT CAME BACK!!!!

February: I go in again to the Dr. and she says, "OK. This time, we're gonna knock it outta the ballpark." OH GOOD!!! She puts me on Levaquin & Flonase. (still thinking it's allergy related). After three days of that, I end up in Urgent Care b/c my heart was beating so fast that I thought I was gonna die. I had gotten 3 hours of sleep or less since taking this last dose of meds that I couldn't take it anymore. He tells me to quit BOTH meds, and gives me some sleeping pills (finally...some results here...can HE be my regular Doctor, please????) So, I quit the meds.

March...My afore-mentioned symptoms come back (original symptoms) and I start doing some nasty saline-rinses in my nasal cavity. If you've ever done this, it works great but it's NASTY as heck! (ps- I even got Steven addicted...he he he). I am totally sick by now, right?!?!?! I have Steven call & cancel dinner reservations for my Birthday, and I end up crying all night. My head hurt, my haircut wasn't as planned, my Master's program was asking WAY to much of me, I sucked at teaching school, I wasn't able to fulfill my church responsibilities...the list goes on and on folks. Now, I think I'm going INSANE on top of all of the sickness!

Recently: Monday I call the Doctor's office, and she insisted it is just allergies. I got a prescription for Allegra D (expensive!) and she says to start the Flonase nose spray again, and do triple dose saline rinses as many times as I can!!! OH MY GOSH LADY! Are you trying to KILL me or what? So, I did that Monday and Tuesday. Last night and this morning I had NO VOICE and I have a hacking cough that when I have a spell...look out folks! Stuff is coming up and out and it's NASTY! My head hurts, the saline now is stinging the living daylights out of my nose, and I still can't sleep at night. I took today off of school, and just talked to the nurse. I'm going in AGAIN today, and we'll see what she says this time.

My Thoughts (as if you haven't read enough already)
  1. LADY, where on earth did you graduate from? Are you SURE you have a degree?
  2. Why am I even still seeing/calling YOU? Aren't you sick of seeing me, TOO? C'mon already and give me a darn referral to bother someone else!
  3. How is Steven even SURVIVING me these days? I'm crying all the time, complaining endlessly, grumpy before, during, and after school, and just a complete MESS.
  4. Constant questions I ask myself: Is school over yet? Is it Spring Break? Am I going to die today? Can I cut off my nose? Is it time for bed yet? Will I get to sleep before 2am tonight? Will I EVER be done with writing papers and reading chapters weekly?

Ok, so after all of that, I don't even think I told you my SEVERE symptoms. But for those of you who are curious, here they are: stuffy nose, sore throat w/ wads of mucous in it, headaches, sinus aches, stopped up & achy ears.

There you have it folks, now who is SMARTER than my Doctor and can heal me? C'mon...I've tried it all. What else is there to lose?

05 March 2009

Hair we are.....

That's right, folks. My B-day is this Friday & I got myself the best present EVER...
a new haircut!Sorry...not a lot of time to chat and write about how cute I feel (or how fat it makes my face look)...but here are a few not-so-tasteful photos taken just a few seconds ago....
Soooooo....wadda ya think?