30 August 2008


Has anyone else heard that CPR has officially changed their acronym? I have.

22 August 2008

That time of year...Again.

School has begun!

Monday was my first day back as a teacher (going to meetings) and kids showed up on Thursday. Tomorrow will be my first day as a graduate student.

How am I feeling about all of this?

- Nervous that I won't get good grades
- Anxiety b/c I am teaching higher level of Spanish students this year
- Motivated to be the best I can be
- Stressed and fatigued b/c of the shoes I am trying to fill this year
- Upset b/c I am gaining weight and don't have enough energy in me, nor the time in the day to do much about it
- Sad b/c I am not getting to post blogs as often as I did, and b/c I am not able to check everyone else's as often as I used to
- Worried that my home will become a disaster b/c I can't be the perfect cleaner every Saturday morning that I am used to doing
- Frustrated b/c I am relying on Steven to do lots more than what he really would like, and it makes me cranky when he can't read my mind
- Starved for attention for ME b/c I feel like I lost my best friend at work, and I'm too shy to raise my hand and say anything in class when I'm the student or to make new friends
- Guilty b/c I can't pay a lot of attention to Steven in the evenings when he deserves it after coming home from a long day of work himself
- Craving for support, hugs, kisses, high-fives, or whatever I can get...Daily
- Thank goodness I'm not preggo, too!

15 August 2008

Phelps - Fevers & Fantasies

Has anyone else found themselves completely wrapped up in Michael Phelps? It's really ridiculous how often his name is mentioned. But rarely do I hear his name anymore. The topic is his "size 14 feet", his short legs, broad shoulders, fish-like hands, long torso, perfect form, and his amazing flip turns off the wall. He is now being compared to fish, dolphins, and some one even say a race horse.

He truly is a fabulous swimmer and someone to keep your eye on (even at 10/11pm). Tonite, he is going for another gold (number 7 at the Beijing Olympics) and to tie Mark Spitz as the only man in history to take home 7 gold medals in one single Olympic Games. Tomorrow, he will go for his final Gold; to make history. WOW! He is something else all right!

So, just how does that Phelps hottie (awkward) young 'un diet so well? Here's an interesting clip of what his daily routine is like...it just might surprise you. It was shown during the Olympic Games two nights ago (Wed), and for those of us who can't get enough (and may even dream of Phelps)...watch & enjoy:

11 August 2008

Summer Olympics 2008

How many of ya'll tuned in to the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics this year? If you missed it, you missed something very extraordinary! I always love watching the opening ceremonies....not quite so much the "lighting of the torch" but all the performances and the opportunities countries have to show the entire world something about their culture.

Beijing really did a top-notch performance! From watching the Today Show early in the mornings, to hearing bits and pieces all over the news, I really have learned some interesting things about China. For starters, never give anyone a present wrapped in white paper--it has an evil/bad connotation to it. Also, it is proper etiquette to leave small portions on your food after being served in someones home. If you clean your plate (as we think is best), the host/hostess will think they did not serve you enough food, and you might leave their home still hungry.

Here are a few pictures from the Opening Ceremonies. (All were borrowed from the Boston Globe's homepage)

1. Thousands of martial arts instructors got together and did a fabulous routine. I don't think they had much time to practice, but they mimicked the pattern of flowing water. It was amazing to see them in such elaborate formations!

2. Several times, they had women hanging from the ceiling (kind of trapeze-artist like) and they did various Chinese-art things. It was so pretty and very graceful.

3. This was by far my favorite...people walking around this globe...and the globe would change. Sometimes it seemed like a ball of fire, other times it resembled the Earth. People would walk/run across the globe (made possible after 8 months of training), and it was a great symbol of unity...just what the Olympic Games try to portray.

4. The oh-so-recognizable Olympic rings. They looked as good as ever.5. Don't ask me how they did this act, but these were dancers (kinda like the martial arts guys) who had on white clothing that were sometimes glow-in-the darkish, yet other times, they were plain colors. They stood in the ring formation, then quickly would switch and get in one huge circle then fan out toward the audience...some of them glowing and others not. Strange, but oh so cool!6. The fireworks. I watched a clip about the painter of the Olympic sky on the Today Show, before the Ceremonies were broadcast on television Friday evening. This guy was amazing...he starting blowing things up and making/setting off fireworks since he was seven. It is an art form, and his canvas was seen by the entire world. One word: spectacular! Fireworks were coming out of the dome, going off in the sky, going off in corners at a timed speed....I mean....W-O-W!This last picture shows the Athletic Dome really well. Whoever designed it was very modern in taste, but it is something to WOW about, again. Above it, you can see the side of the Indoor Water Arena as well. It is really cool looking, too.

The Olympics just keep getting better and better. I hear the Chinese only spent $400 million dollars on this program...was it worth it? Hmmmmm. I DID enjoy it.

09 August 2008


No one has gotten ANY of them right (not yet anyway).....but several of you have gotten at least something right, so here's a few clues:

1. One of the stockings Ollie suggested actually belongs to Steven .
2. One of the stockings Elise (Peeser) guessed was actually MY stocking.
3. Reagan guessed twice...is that fair? Sure...why not? In her first guess (as well as another) she mentioned the stocking of the least favorite child.

Any NEW guesses?

A few more clues: (look at the heel n foot)

My stocking has NO blue on it
Steven's stocking is a combination of several patterns put together
L.F.'s stocking is ... in my opinion not very Christmassy (?) at all, and is quite different (in color) from all the rest.

06 August 2008

Sofas, Etc.

Several of you know that Steven and I have lived with mostly hand-me-down furniture for the first year of our marriage. We both come from great families and friends who adore us so much they want to GIVE us all of their unwanted furniture and knick-knacks. And don't get me wrong...we have enjoyed it tremendously! We have not had to worry about purchasing too many things since being married and moving...our friends and family have truly blessed us!
So, a couple of weeks ago, we went and purchases a nice set of leathe furniture....a matching sofa & loveseat. We are really happy with our purchase, and they look great in our little living room. Take a look for yourself:

Wait a minute....what are THOSE doing on the sofa? Hmmm....let's take a closer look!

(above) S#1 (polkadots), S#2 w/ stars, S#3 w/ large blue plaid

(above) S#4 (large red plaid), S#5 (sage green plaid), S#6 (small navy plaid)

(above) S#6 (same as above...small navy plaid), S#7 (small red plaid), S#8 (red & green plaid)

Did you guess it? I finished my Christmas stockings....all EIGHT of them! I started them on Wednesday, and finished them on the way up to Nauvoo this weekend in the car. Jeanne, my mother-in-law helped me so much! I found a pattern on-line (after looking forever), but it was just the shape...nothing more! I wanted to line them with fuzzy material, put a cute little toe/heel patch on each one, and add a few extra special touches. Jeanne really helped me work step-by-step and gave me a homework assignment each and every night. I have to admit, it was lots of work, but loads of fun!!

Once they were all completed, I let Steven pick the stocking he wanted to be "his", and I got to pick my favorite next. We both agreed that ONE of them was equally our least favorite and we've agreed to give that one to the child that will be our least favorite!!! (ha ha ha)

Can you guess which stocking belongs to Steven? to Tamara? to our future least favorite child? Refer to the numbers & descriptions above...winner gets something REAL special...I promise!

(sorry Steven...you can't participate)

05 August 2008

Alex Boyé - Incredible Man!

I don't know how many of you have seen this story already, but just in case you haven't...you MUST read this...absolutely amazing!

Title of Article: Alex Boye's Road to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

By Ashley Evanson

Alex Boyé has performed alongside groups like N*SYNC, George Michael, and Smashing Pumpkins. He was lead singer in the sensational European boy band Awesome, he's had hit records in over 15 countries, but to him, these are nothing compared to what he has now.

Click here:

04 August 2008

Celebrating One Year

Celebrating our first year was probably a bit different than what what most expected. No large gifts to one another, nothing really extraordinary, lavish, or out-of-the-ordinary.
We decided to do what we wanted to do. We headed to Nauvoo on Saturday at 9am. and decided to go to the temple and do some work for Steven's family. It really was something, and we felt great. Unknowingly, we had forgotten to eat a decent meal before going into the temple at 1pm. Of course, we'd snacked on Mountain Dew, water, and Funyons in the car...but that doesn't count as real food!

When we got done, we found out most of the local diners/deli's had closed down, and we'd have to wait another 45 minutes to eat dinner at the buffet, which was WAY to long and kinda expensive. SO, what did we do? We bought another Mountain Dew and some lil Debbie cakes from the local food mart and headed out of town to find something better. We hadn't gone too far when we KNEW we were both gonna be sicker than DOGS! Thanks to Mr. Dew and Ms. Debbie, our insides were all torn up!

We then headed to McDonald's thinking that would make things better, just to eat something would make us instantly better! W-R-O-N-G! All that french fry goodness even worsened our problems. But, we ate it anyway! Then, we headed to the Hampton Inn...all we wanted was to relax in the pool & hot tub. It was nice having it all to ourselves, but after 2 hours of going back and forth in between, Steven got really sick! I mean talk about a fever...that boy was shivering in his sleep!!!

Anyway, we had a good time (minus the sickness...what's the deal? every time we travel, one or BOTH of us end up sick!). Very relaxing, and we decided to buy something from Nauvoo as Anniversary gifts to ourselves. I picked out a lil brass/wooden sign to hang on the wall, and Steven picked out a book on Joseph Smith. So, we both left satisfied and watching what we eat for the next couple of days...good for weight control, I guess! :)

03 August 2008

One Year Anniversary

Yep...We've finally reached a milestone...


Full of stress, happiness, sadness, but most of all laughter.
Being married to Steven is a lot of fun (most of the time). From the silly faces, to his crazy voices, and his ability to make me laugh instead of cry...it really has been a great year.

Here's looking forward to MANY more...