26 May 2009

good & WORST

The Good:
This is my 150th post!

This has been a day from HELL!!!  A student stole my cell phone today!  
So, if you could email me, facebook me, or call me with your digits (I still have the same number...luckily), I'd appreciate it!

19 May 2009

Who's your Idol pick?

Who's gonna win Season 8?
...Opinions anyone?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Things I LOVE about Kris:
  • originality
  • has a funky jaw-thing when he sings, but i think it's cool
  • love the way he can make ANY song modern
  • plays multiple instruments
  • very humble
  • i would actually buy his CDs
My favorite song this season from Kris:
"To Make You Feel My Love"

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Favorite things about ADAM:

  • he's been the one who I picked to win the whole thing from the very start
  • Gay, NOT gay, who cares? The boy can sing!
  • Although not such a fan of all the screeches and screemies, he is SOOOO talented
  • Stage presence
  • Very polite in saying thank-you to everyone

My favorite song from Adam this season:

"Tracks of My Tears"

16 May 2009

Super Saturday

This is NOT going to be a long post, I promise....rather, a quick update.
Today, Steven & I went as "chaperones" for our 9th graders end-of-year trip to SIX FLAGS in St. Louis.  We took off at 8am, and arrived home at 8pm.  What a LONG day it was!!!

My afterthoughts:

1. MAN, I'm glad I'm not 15 anymore!  WAY TOO MUCH DRAMA

2. They don't make bus seats comfortable enough to ride in for two hours...let alone twice in one day!

3. Funnel cakes are good, but TWO of them are WAAAAYYYYY too much!

4. Not to self in the future:  NEVER give a 9th grader more than $20 to spend on a field trip of this sort...they'll just spend it ALL the last 10 minutes and buy stupid stuff:  3 ft long pixi stix, over-sized hairy monkeys, superman capes, large lollipops, enormous turkey legs that they can't finish in time that end up getting passed around the bus, or ANOTHER refill of soda for the ride home.

5. Seriously, riding rides was a lot of fun! Especially when today was overcast until around 2 or 3. Perfect weather for walking, very breezy, and didn't even have to wear sunscreen!

6. Go before Memorial Day, when the lines are shorter, and the water park is closed...no seeing scanky girls in bikinis trying to sneak onto the regular rides.

Hope you all had a GREAT weekend!  I'm tired and going to bed, now.

09 May 2009


Things I need to be grateful for today:
  • I finally am finished typing my exams
  • I have my last few weeks of teaching school planned out (sort-of)
  • Steven & I made the BEST homemade pizza tonight
  • I went downstairs to find some beautiful flowers today
  • My Mom & Pop gave me a gift certificate to my Favorite Restaurant...all I have to do is find time to go one weekend
  • I will be playing the piano at church soon (hint, hint), so that means I get to practice! Back to the 'ol piano!  Maybe that means my next purchase should be a Baldwin...whadda ya think?
  • My Idol pick *Adam Lambert* is in the final 3!
  • I love watching American Idol on my new t.v.
  • I'm going to be released from my church duties tomorrow
  • I'm so busy, I'm actually glad I'm not a *mom* yet!

Reasons what I am not-so-grateful today:

  • I have sit here at the computer WAY too long today working (NOT playing...ugh!)
  • I still have to actually TYPE (or record on paper) my lesson plans for the next few weeks
  • I have a PILE of papers to grade downstairs, and if things had gone according to plan today, they would have already been graded
  • My kiddos just got done doing a HUGE cultural project involving writing a paper, making a PowerPoint presentation, making food, etc etc etc.  Out of the 3 classes I have graded, I have found a total of  SIX projects (and they worked with partners) that are completely copy & pasted from an online source (illegal, I might add), or totally copied into a translator and THEN copied and pasted onto the paper.  I mean, these are my BEST kiddos (5 out of the 6 of them, that is).  I have already confronted 2 of them, and now on Monday I have to go and face 4 more of them.  Just approaching them w/o being TOO judgemental is hard. I know these are junior-high kids, and there is a *small* part of me that thinks "maybe they think as long as they put the website on their resource list, it is okay" or "maybe if I only copy every other sentence and stick an AND or BUT in there, it is okay".  I really don't know what to think, and I am HIGHLY upset by this!
  • Steven's arm is hurting again...and we STILL don't know what the heck is wrong with him.  One day it's his elbow, the next day it's his wrist, then his knees, ankles, etc etc etc.  It's frustrating not being able to help him, and it's even MORE frustrating for him, I'm sure.