27 June 2009

Two sweet boys

These are two of my nephews, Sione & Filipe. They are Marlena's boys. They are so adorable, and they live in Arizona...too far away for me to see on a daily basis. Once in a while, I get to talk with them on the phone, but all we talk about is the "zoon" (zoo), "spida-man" (you know what THAT is), and what they ate for dinner.

I love these boys and wish they lived closer so I could hang out with them more often.

Your Aunt T loves you, boys!



Put both of them together &
what a pair of handsome boys!

25 June 2009

Crocodile Tears in my Pillow

What a terrible day!

First, the kiddos at school were terrible!

Second, the Kind of Pop died today, and he is my all-time favorite!

Third, Farrah lost the battle to cancer today.  What a fighter!

13 June 2009

Time for FUN!

Have you ever wanted something SO BAD that you saved money for what seemed like forever? Then, when you finally had the money, it seemed like it was NEVER on sale? Then, you thought about purchasing it anyway, but just couldn't do it?

Well, that has been my thoughts lately, until last night.

I finally did it.

I broke down, and bought it, along with another surprise. But then, is it even possible to own the first without the second? No, not in my mind!

What did we buy, you ask?

I know, I know...Steven & I are spoiled! But, we sure are having FUN!