30 May 2008

Moving Time!

As many of you know, many changes are about to take place within the next week. Wednesday will be my last day teaching this school year (yeah!), and also my last day teaching at my beloved OJHS school! I will be changing schools, and next year I will be full time at WJHS, so at least I will only have to travel 3 miles to work, and I will have my OWN ROOM! There is a lot to be said for that.... Then, on Thursday and Friday, Steven & I are finally moving out of the basement! It's finally coming, and we are so excited! We are so excited we are stressed, and getting grumpy...it can come soon enough!

So, today I am posting some moving humor. Enjoy!

My favorite tip: VERY necessary for us, as well as the people helping us!
I love Christmas Vacation (the movie)...maybe Aunt Whatsername should've paid attention to this advice...remember the old lady that brought the cat wrapped up in a Christmas box?
Save our backs!!

22 May 2008

Idol Finale

What an amazing journey. Even though I picked Archuletta to win, and he came in second place, I'm happy with the win. Both David's are going to make a great career out of singing, and I'm excited about that! It has been a great season, and the finale was great, and if you weren't watching, you really missed something special when both David's embraced and congratulated each other. It really is nice to see such great competitors showing such love and emotion for each other...not very common for people to show on tv these days.
Well, I can't find a video of his winning performance to play here, but you can go to http://www.americanidol.com/ and see him sing the winning song of American Idol season 7.
Nevermind...I just found one! Watch below...

18 May 2008

Fabulous Weekend!!!

First of all, let me preface by saying that EVERY TIME I want to go on a bit of a vacation or get away for the weekend, I get SICK. Literally. I don't get just a bit of the sniffles, or a bit of a sore throat...I get the WORKS! I mean....stopped up ringing ears, sore & swollen lymph nodes in the throat, clogged up nostrils (and that makes the throat even worse from being forced to breathe out of my mouth), and an achy body. What a mess!!!

But, even with my ailing self, we headed to St. Louis to celebrate Steven's 26th Birthday. Let me say it was very eventful. As you read on...you will see why.

FIRST STOP...temple. Well, since I get up at 5:30am everyday, and yell at my Jr. High kids on a daily basis, getting to the temple on Fridays is always a challenge. This Friday was particularly interesting. School is nearing the end, the kids are ready for summer break...and SO AM I!!! Adding my sickness on top of that...we decided to skip the temple (but don't worry...we're still making our tracks on the heaven-bound route).

FIRST REAL STOP...O'Charleys Restaurant. I had one of the summer specials...a variety of chicken tenders, and fries. Now, I know you're already thinking "Uggghhhh...another girl that just eats Chicken tenders".... but you need to remember a couple of things: #1- I LOVE eating! #2- I usually don't order chicken tenders. #3- these are the BEST chicken tenders in the world! So, having that in mind, the special is 2 original, 2 pretzel coated, & 2 BBQ chipotle tenders, with fries, and a house salad. The chicken was fabulous, the fries were delicious, and the salad was excellent (except for the fact that they are no longer making their own croutons), and the all-you-can eat rolls were amazing (except for the fact that they didn't ever refill out basket! Oh well...I don't need any more rolls attached to my thighs these days! Steven had the 4 mini sandwiches...2 chicken tender sandwiched, and 2 mini burgers w/ fries. All in all...luscious (except for the fact my taste buds weren't the caliber they usually are....bummer!)
SECOND STOP...the Mason Lodge. Steven's sister and her family live in the "attic" of the Masonic Lodge. Yes...the sort-of-religious fraternal order, called the Free Masons. Although no one really talks about what goes on among this special group of men, it is cool to see various symbols and find similarities to my own religious beliefs. I need to research them more, and become more familiar with their doings. The attic/loft where Emily, Joe, and Noah live is a piece of art, literally. Emily has the coolest decorating style EVER. Tons of knick-knacks laying around, and my eyes were kept busy the entire time; finding new things in new corners. They were out of town, but graciously let us enjoy their home for the evening (gracias, Em!). We enjoyed watching Nacho Libre, while I didn't enjoy trying to get some rest w/ both nostrils stopped up and not being in my own bed (although the pull-out bed is amazingly cozy). THIRD STOP...Einstein's bagel shop for breakfast! Always a favorite. Need I say more? I had a toasted Sundried Tomato bagel w/ Onion & Chive spread, and Steven had the Cinnamon Raisin & Sugar bagel, toasted, with Honey Almond spread. We enjoyed two glasses of icy Coca Cola's with our hearty breakfasts. FOURTH STOP...MetroLink train, a common St. Louis ride. We took the Metro to Union Station, and spent about 45 minutes walking around, killing time before our final destination. From being sick, I need some chapstick. We found a general store in the mall, and bought some chapstick. My lips were in heaven. I was feeling so good at that moment, that I went to throw the wrapper in the trash and ended up letting go of the lid with the paper. Steven (even on his own birthday) ended up digging through the trash to find my Chapstick lid. What a good man! FINAL DESTINATION...Busch Stadium! We watched the St. Louis Cardinals play the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. What excitement...even though I went through an entire box of lotion-filled Puffs, it was worth it to see my hubby get so riled up, and so excited when the Cardinals finally won...after going into the 10th inning b/c of a tie game, and a home run by Ryan Ludwick at the bottom of the 10th inning. I could have done without a certain crowd of drunk folks who became pretty annoying shouting and screaming (sometimes honking) at whoever was up to bat. But, being in the stadium, enjoying a pretzel w/cheese, hot dog w/ mustard & relish, and an icy Coca Cola with my hubby was well worth the runny/snotty nose. No, we didn't make the kiss cam, no we didn't have box seats, but we were in the shade with nice sunny weather, a cool breeze, and a great view.
Steven's Birthday weekend couldn't have been any better (unless I could take away the being sick parts). Other than that, St. Louis treated us well, and we enjoyed being together. Enjoy the pics from out trip.
above: This was the view from our seats...pretty good, I'd say!

below: Alberto Pujols. Don't know much about the man, really. I DO know he's from the Republica Dominicana, so that means we have something in common...hablamos espaƱol. I think that's cool. He is famous for hitting home runs, and for being so young. He has a perfect batting stance, take a look below. WOW! What a sight!

Try this little aggravating typing test. I have to admit, this was my third time around. I only got 2 words misspelled. Which is better...typing fast with several mistakes? or typing a bit slower with few or no mistakes?

See if you can beat my score...


15 May 2008

Happy Birthday...a bit early, love!

H Pewter Ransom Font a P p Vintage LEGO Letter Y

Copper Lowercase Letter b i Pastry Cutter R t001 H D A Educational Block Y

May 17, 1982

I just wanted to be the first to wish you a

Happy Birthday!

You make my life so wonderful. I know I've told you a thousand times how grateful I am that I listened when the Lord told me to move to Missouri. Not only did I find a fabulous job, but I found my eternal companion. I know we have our ups and downs, but I want you to know that I'm in this for the long haul. Through thick & thin, I want to experience eternity with you. One day we will have a family of our own, and I can't wait to experience that with you. The frustrations and the joys of parenthood.
You bring me so much joy everyday! Coming home to the wonderful backrubs, foot massages, and "I'll do anything for you" is always nice. You do so much for me, and sometimes I wonder if I do half as much for you. You truly love me, and I'm so blessed and honored to be your wife.

Thank you for being you. Thanks for smiling every day, and reminding me that everything will be okay. Thank you for loving me and for supporting & encouraging me to always be my best. You are so wonderful at listening to me, and telling me the things I want (and need) to hear. You are so patient with me, and kind. I love that about you.

Steven, I'm so glad we get to spend the weekend (or part of it) in St. Louis this weekend. I hope you enjoy the present I've left you at home, and I can't wait to go to Busch Stadium. I am looking forward to enjoying what you love third best...baseball...with you! (just in case anyone is wondering...#1 is the Lord, and #2 is ME)


L O V e001 You O julia\

04 May 2008

Taggin Fun...

Here's a new one I found out there, and I enjoy it b/c it doesn't take forever to complete. So, I'm taggin anyone who's willing to give it a try.

The trick: only ONE WORD answers are accepted. Have fun...and don't be afraid to get a bit frustrated...only ONE word!!

1. Where is your cell phone? dresser

2. Your hair? stylin'

3. Work? educator

4. Your father? intelligent

5. Your favorite thing? massage

6. Your dream last night? Mexico

7. Your favorite drink? Dr. Pepper

8. Your dream car? Truck

9. The room you're in? Office

10. Your fears? kids

11. What do you want to be in 10 years? mom

12. Who did you hang out with last night? Steven

13. What you're not good at? trivia

14. Muffin? banana-nut

15. One of your wish list items? boob-tube

16. Where you grew up? KY

17. Last thing you did? eggs

18. What are you wearing? pj's

19. What aren't you wearing? socks

20. Your pet? husband... :)

21. Your computer? HP

22. Your life? blessed

23. Your mood? fair

24. Missing? family

25. What are you thinking about right now? backache

26. Your car/truck? dirty

27. Your summer? work

28. Your relationship status? blessed

29. Your favorite color? sage

30. When is the last time you really laughed with meaning? yesterday

31. Last time you cried? Friday

32. School? weekdays

33. Least favorite weather? humid

34. Soup? Taco

35. Movie? Comedy