09 June 2007

The S's of my life...School & Steven

As most of you all know, I teach school. It is such hard work and is extremely time consuming...I'm not sure how anyone actually chooses to become an educator. For me, it is not just about the endless hours spent grading papers and preparing for lessons, it's not about all the crap that students try to pull on you and the endless excuses for why they couldn't meet your expectations, but it is about achieving dreams and hoping for a brighter future. Most of the kids that enter my classroom come from circumstances that many of us would consider awful. Many of them can't afford new clothes for the new school year, and some of them can't afford to stay after school for extra help because they have to get straight home to take care of younger siblings (cook, clean, and tuck them into bed at night). Like it or not, living today is a lot different from living 20 years ago. Yet, as hard as it is for me to understand the trials my student's are facing, there is a part of me that finds hope in their future and pushes them to find talents within themselves that could possibly change not only their lives, but our lives as well. I have the responsibility to help this generation become the future leaders of our country. And as hard as that is to do day in and day out, I find it a very fulfilling and rewarding task that I am willing to undertake.

As last year came to a close this week, I am exhausted. There is nothing more that I want to do, other than curl up on the couch and watch a movie, eat some buttery popcorn, drink my Dr. Pepper with lots of ice, and have Steven at the other end smiling at me and rubbing my feet. Now that is paradise! That is something that my heart longs for on a daily basis. That is something I look forward to doing on the weekends and for the rest of my life.

Summer school starts on Tuesday, and I find myself a bit tired, but anxious to learn more about the art of teaching, more about myself, and more about others. I am eager to help students find and develop their personal talents, and I am grateful for the opportunity that has been afforded me...to
teach and change lives forever!

Life, indeed is GREAT! I love being a teacher and I love Steven!