26 April 2011

Movie Must See

Why am I so amused & addicted to the Madea movies?

Because they make me laugh.

This one....THIS ONE....is funny!

Watch the trailer, and get your flops on, and get your gear ready to go see it. NOW.

24 April 2011

Easter Sunday

Do you remember what Easter was like as a kid???

I do, and I was reminded of it today, while at church. Here's a few things I remembered:


I remember going shopping for my annual "Easter Dress". Oh fun that was! I don't remember too many of the dresses, but I DO remember the qualifications for said Easter Dress: new white ruffled socks, new shiny white shoes w/ a buckle on the side, a dress w/ tons of flowers on it, and a white brimmed hat with a bow on the front to match the color of the flowers in my dress. I have several photos of those days. I couldn't find one that quite matched the description above...I'm sure my mom still has them and is enjoying them today. However, I did manage to find these beauties:

Can you tell which one is ME? And yes...my mom made us cut our hair that way. So don't blame me for looking like a boy....all of my sisters did at one time or another. Mom says we didn't like to brush our hair, so she decided to keep it trimmed short. I say she was sad she only had one boy. Oh well...what was done was done. I'm still bitter about it, though...obviously!


Going for Easter Egg hunts. My mother went out of town to visit my brother and his family for the Holidays. She loves dying the eggs and hiding them for the kids. Now...we never had MONEY-filled eggs like some folks. But we did put candy in them. Frankly, I'm surprised my older brother didn't put "nuggies" or something crazy like that in there....he was always doing crazy stuff like that! Anyway, I miss doing that...it was always fun.

I do remember one year when we had maybe 30 eggs that we hid in the backyard. Of course, we'd just put them random places and we thought we were smart enough to remember where we hid them. WRONG!!! Let's just say that the NEXT year, we found some pretty rotten eggs in the woods, and dad got upset w/ us for leaving them in the gutters as well!!! ooooppppssss.....


I saw a pic of my friend's little boy sitting in the Easter Bunny's lap. Ya...I never did that. Nor did I ever do it with Santa. I don't know...was I scared of the scary looking thing? Was I camera shy? Were we too cheap to purchase the pictures? or Were we just too lazy to actually stand in line for a while to get a picture w/ the creature? I dunno.


In our baskets, we always had simple things. It ALWAYS included a chocolate bunny. Mine had to be white chocolate, of course. I'm not a big fan of chocolate...unless it's white. Then, I'm all in!!! We had some jelly beans, some Cadberry eggs (and yes...mom was the only one who actually liked those things, so I'm sure that is why she kept buying them to put in our baskets...she always got the leftovers....smart woman!!) It was simple, but a nice present.

Years later, I went to my Aunt & Uncle's house who were living in Utah at the time. I spent Easter with them and got to see what was in their baskets. MAN...my mom jipped us. My cousins got toys, games, money, candy....I mean, today they probably have Ipods and laptops in their baskets. Soooo jealous!!! But hey- I'm not complaining. My Aunt put some money and Bath & Body Works stuff in a basket for me. I guess I was a good girl that year, b/c that's the best basket I've ever gotten!

What do you remember most about Easter, when you were little?

21 April 2011

My Favorites - good or bad?

Yah...I know...

I shouldn't have "favorite students" in my classes.

But I do!

I am reminded of it everytime one of "those kids" ask me for something and I say NO, and then my lil angel comes up and asks for the same dern thing....and of course, I say "ok....rĂ¡pido" with my cutsie smile.

I KNOW I shouldn't. I KNOW it's bad. I KNOW, I KNOW, I KNOW, I said.

But who can blame me? I wanted teachers to like me...I wanted to be noticed. I wanted to show off. And so...I guess I tend to favor them as well.

I'm a horrible person. I mean, really...how do parents keep from doing it? C'mon...be honest here! You KNOW we all do it. We are all like this at some point. I mean...if you could go to the store and buy the perfect child...wouldn't you???

I KNOW I would!!!

19 April 2011


Yep, I'm definitely hooked!

I started a little over a week ago, and I'm already on Season 2.


(no judging me, please.....):

1. Sawyer is a hottie

2. Jack is pretty good looking

3. Hurley is very sweaty...always. He reminds me of my friend Jared (hope he doesn't read this blog....)

4. I've already watched Season 6, so I know how it ends.

5. I have lots of questions, and I always ask Steven. I HATE it when people tell me they won't tell me the answer. I just HAVE to know NOW!!!

6. Even though Shannon is not on my "like" list....I wish I could look as good as her if I ever get stranded on an island. I mean seriously, folks.....she has on makeup and her hair looks professionally done every day!!!

7. I have yet to cry...and there have been several time I almost cried.

8. Now I know why Steven cried during the last season when Jin & Sun die. They are cute. At first I hated Jin...but now, I think he's a real sweetie and kinda funny, too. At least he is learning how to love correctly. Life is rough...give him a break.

9. I watch all episodes in my living room floor on an air mattress. With MY pillow. So...I like to watch it and be cozy at the same time. Get over it.

10. I missed church this past Sunday b/c I stayed up too late Saturday night (really...Sunday morning) watching this addicting show. I would prolly do the same this Sunday, but I have to teach....anyone wanna SUB for me?

11. Who's my favorite character? Sayid (is that how you spell it??). And by the way...he's a hottie, too. If you like the Iraqi type.

12. Currently, who is getting on my LAST NERVES? Locke. You either love him or you hate him. He's either turstworthy or he's not. He's full of faith, then he's a crazy man. You think he has good intentions...but does he, REALLY???

13. Lost: It's definitely keeping me busy. I am LOST in LOST!!!!


12 April 2011

OH MY GOODNESS - an update

So...by a show of hands, how many of you all still read my blog?


I didn't really expect you to raise your hand, though. *dummy*

Now...I have a few things to say:

1. I've thought for a while now about DELETING my blog.

Reason #1: no real updates to post about.

Reason #2: I'm bored of it.

Reason #3: It's just another "thing" to do, that takes me away from "me time" or "hubby time". Neither are really that good, ya know?

Reason #4: just because I can.

2. I finished my Master's class. It has lasted 2 semesters. It was a research class which was HELLACIOUS, if that is even a word. Well, if it wasn't...it is now, so get used to it! The end product was a 50 pager, with around 20 research articles, data analysis, etc, etc, etc. It. was. HARD. Tomorrow I actually upload my paper to my advisor, and I'm officially D-O-N-E.

3. I'm done (with said #2, anyway) until August. Then, I will take one class for the fall, and one again in the winter. Once these two classes finished, I will FINALLY have my Master's Degree. Whew. I'm tired...can I just be done already?

4. In June, Steven & I are taking another trip (yes...a trip with several adolescents yet again...as if we didn't get our fill of them, just yet) to Europe. This time we will visit Germany, France, and Spain. Can't wait for this trip. Is it June yet?

5. We have booked another trip for summer of 2012. Destination: Costa Rica. My all-time-wanna-visit-oooh-so-badly!!!! I mean seriously!!! Does it get any better than tropical weather, canopy tours, zip lines, rainforests, hot springs, nice sandy beaches, and beans & rice for every meal? Okay...maybe take away the beans & rice part. But seriously...can't wait! Is it June 2012 yet?

6. I guess I'm done for now. Any thoughts? Leave me a comment to let me know you still visit here. I guess if there are no comments, I'll be deleting soon. Ugh. Oh well...if you all have dropped me from Google Reader, I'll understand. If not...we'll see how long my "updates" continue.