12 April 2010

Happy Birthday

My nephew, Sione turns SIX today.

I called around 8pm today.  He answered the phone. I sang "Happy Birthday" really loud & obnoxious.  When I was done, it was NOT Sione's voice on the other end...it was his lil brother Filipe, saying "hello?  helllloooooo".  

What happened, you ask?  Not quite sure.

Was it my horrible voice?  Was it my loudness?  Or was Birthday Boy not-so-happy?

Oh well...Happy Birthday, anyway!

Some of my favorite pics:

10 April 2010


Are we having FUN yet?

uhmmmm....not hardly....

04 April 2010

MAJOR Update

Spring Break:  WONDERFUL time in Chicago.  Pics to come soon (hopefully)

HOUSE:  Our bid was finally accepted today (after going back 'n forth all weekend)!!!  It is not the house pictured below, so pics are soon to come of that as well.  We are nervous, but excited at the same time!  

Happy Easter!