24 November 2007

This is a pic of my friend, Lini, her baby, and me. I went to Kansas City on Friday night and met her at one of my all-time favorite restaurants, O'Charley's! She is such a funny girl, and I love her so much! Her lil guy is so cute! His name is Ezais (I think that's how you spell it)...it's in the BOM. Lini & I were friends from College...those were the good ol years! I miss those days sometimes, but it's good to catch up after so long, and see each other!

21 November 2007

All about ME

Here's a fun survey about me. When you have some extra time, fill it out and share it with me (& others, too).

  1. ARE YOU SICK OR WELL? I'm doing pretty good today. I keep having earaches and my voice comes & goes...but today is a pretty GOOD day!

  2. ARE YOU MORE LIKE YOUR MOM OR DAD? My mom. I wish I was as smart as my dad (but I'm not), but I get as worried and as bossy as my mom does a lot. Good thing I don't have her toes, though.

  3. HAVE YOU GAINED OR LOST WEIGHT THIS YEAR? Probably gained a few pounds. I should've lost more weight for my wedding, but I was in love and just enjoy eating...who doesn't?

  4. WHAT DID YOU LAST CRY ABOUT? feeling left out of the "loop" of two places...cheerleading and getting to be one of the first ones to St. Louis to see my new lil nephew when he was born this Sunday.

  5. A TV SHOW YOU NEVER MISS? American Idol

  6. A TV SHOW YOU WISH WERE CANCELED ALREADY? The Price is Right...they should've just quit when Bob Barker retired.

  7. WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU HAD AN AFTERNOON WITH GEORGE BUSH? Not quite sure. Well, I do have a few questions...Ask him why he can't go to Iraq and fight for a while. Ask him why teachers don't get paid better. Ask him why gas prices are so expensive. Ask him to borrow some money.

  8. FIRST THING YOU WILL TELL GOD AFTER YOU DIE: Sorry I lied so much. Can I still repent of that NOW?

  9. THE SONG THAT KEEPS GETTING STUCK IN YOUR HEAD: "Hey there Delilah...." However you spell it. It seems that song is on the radio 24/7....UGGGH!!! I HATE IT!

  10. FIRST THING YOU DO IN THE MORNING ON VACATION: Sleep in, eat a hot breakfast from Hardee's and watch TV with Steve.

  11. WHAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ROOM IN YOUR HOUSE? the kitchen & bedroom...everything a woman could ever want! Food & hubby time! :)

  12. NAME SOMETHING YUMMY IN YOUR FREEZER: ice cream and burritos!

  13. BRAND OF SHAMPOO IN YOUR SHOWER: Garnier fruit something or another...the green bottles that they had down in Chile, too. And KIWI that is rarely used, b/c it's so dang expensive!

  14. PLANS FOR 2008: Eat a bit less, drink a few more DIETS than regular Cokes, and go on a real vacation before having kids.


  16. NAME SOMEONE YOU WISH WOULD GO AWAY: My lil sister Becca...isn't it time to go back to BYU-Idaho already?

  17. FIRST PLACE YOU'D GO IN A TIME MACHINE:Back to to time when women wore those fun dresses that were so tight your boobies bounced out the top....MAN, I'd be getting all the men then!

  18. FIRST PLACE YOU'D GO IF YOU WERE INVISIBLE: To Australia, to the beach, and then I'd go visit Steve @ work and find out what he REALLY does at work....or is it even work?

  19. SOMEWHERE YOU ONLY LIKE TO GO ALONE: potty when it's time for numba 2!

  20. SOMEWHERE YOU WOULD NEVER GO ALONE: heaven, out to eat, or vacation...it's just not that much fun to do any of those if someone isn't with you!

  21. NAME SOMETHING YOU ARE AFRAID OF: Steven dying before I do, or not being able to have children.

  22. NAME SOMETHING YOU ARE NO LONGER AFRAID OF: teaching middle-school kids, or MOVING to another city.

  23. A BAND YOU WOULD GO ON TOUR WITH: Kenny Chesney (just to feel his head & chest....whew hew), Martina McBride...she's the woman, & Usher...he's got all the dance moves...maybe he'll teach me a thing or two!

  24. A FAMOUS PERSON YOU WOULD HANG OUT WITH: don't know anyone who's cool enough ;)



  27. SOMETHING YOU FIND IRRESISTIBLE ABOUT YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER: His knowledge of crazy things, his hugs, and his care for me.

Thanksgiving Day

Happy Turkey Day,

Eat now...Diet later

11 November 2007

neonred t H A a sigN Parking K
y O U

This goes out to Jeanne Lambson, my mother-in-law. She is such a neat lady, and I really do admire her and look up to her for her many talents and the great mother that she has been, and is today.

Friday night, after attending an "all-school party" at work, I went over to her house. Steven had planned on going to the party with me, but soon found himself a bit "bored" and went to visit his parents just down the road. I love going over to her house...it's so welcoming and inviting...it just makes you feel at home instantly!

I was so stressed from the week, and there were several things that were weighing heavily on my mind that evening. I found myself complaining and venting quite a bit to her that night. She was so great. Not only did she offer wonderful advice, and share with me about the "Theory of the peaches", but my soul was fed, and I became enlightened as to what I should do and how my attitude needed to change...quick! It's amazing how a burden can become so much lighter after talking to such an amazing woman!

I really did get lucky when I married Steven. That luck has blessed my life in so many ways, and this is only the beginning of our entire lives together. I am so excited to raise children that will call her grandma, and be able to be blessed by her wisdom. I'm thrilled that she will teach them things that I can't. I'm happy to have her in my life, and blessed that she will be the one to bless the lives of my family as well. I can only hope to become as great a mother as she is today.

Thank you, Jeanne!

Stressful week!

The Letter S o R_McElman_070718_3101 Vintage LEGO Letter R Y

This past week was just plain tough! It seemed to go on and on and on and on....just like this sentence! I have been rude, sassy, tired, and just acting like an old crabby lady. So, this is to apologize to anyone whose feelings I've hurt or anyone whom I've neglected during the past week! I'm truely sorry!
p.s. - Try out this website that will let you create these cool messages with funky letters....http://metaatem.net/words/

Cheerleading update...

Cheerleading has officially started! With at least three practices a week, we will be ready for our first basketball game after Spring Break. The girls are pretty good, I must admit! The second day of practice, I had us a little meeting that I like to refer to as a "Come to Jesus" meeting. This is where I laid out the rules and told them just exactly what it was going to look like to be an Oakland cheerleader. Some of them, of course, didn't like all the rules (esp. not the consequences) but these girls need to learn responsibility and what it means and what it should look like when you are representing your school. I have to say, there were only a few complaints. So far, so good! Tomorrow I have to order warm-ups, so we'll see how that goes!

03 November 2007

Ear Candles

Have you even heard of these crazy things? I had heard of them, but had never tried them before. Since my ears are still infected, and haven't been getting much better the last few weeks...I finally resorted to trying these things out.

It was quite the experience, let me tell you. I went to the Natural Food store in town, and bought two of them, one for each ear. I read the instructions, and after hearing my mother say, "I wouldn't do that if I were you"...decided to try them anyway. You place the candle through a paper plate, light one end of it, and stick it in your ear. Every now and then, you have to "unclog" the candle because too much wax and debris gets in the way.

As strange as it was, it was kind of neat! I'm not quite
ready to go for round number 2, but my ears feel a bit different today. Stay tuned for an update on how it goes. I've read the research about them, and to say the least...most of them say they don't do anything at all. But I've heard several say on talk shows and from other conversations, that they get pretty good results. We'll let you know if a few days how it went.

New Do

I got a new haircut yesterday. I will try to take a picture soon and show it to you all. For now, go ahead...and make your predictions....
  1. short, medium, or long?
  2. colored (what color?) or al natural?...
  3. layered or straight?

What will the new Tamara look like? Feel free to share your thoughts....

Bummer...or NOT??

This weekend my family, Steven & I were supposed to travel to Kentucky to attend a wedding ceremony of my cousin. It's one of those things you just feel like you should do. And it always happens at the most inconvenient times. We were going to drive to Louisville, KY this morning, attend the ceremony and reception this evening, and drive back tomorrow. OR SO WE thought...

Yesterday, mom told me she was sicker than ever, and she wasn't going to go after all. My sister and her two kids decided to stay home as well (they weren't going to be thrilled about the whole 6 hour drive there and back, in only two days anyway). So there we were, My dad, Steven & I and the mini-van.

Since I went to the doctor on Monday, I really am feeling less stuffy, so that is a good thing. However, my ears are still hurting and that has put me in a grumpy mood lately. It's just no fun being sick, and I keep waiting for this to go away...but it doesn't. It's just one of those lingering sick things!...YUCK!

Anyway, we decided not to go. So, today will be a different kind of Saturday. One where I can relax and sit on the couch and actually watch a movie with my husband, who is usually working hard at Ruby Tuesday's trying to earn a little extra money so we can do fun things together. So, here's to a weekend off...with a bit of sorrow for not being able to make the wedding.

01 November 2007

Too funny NOT to share...

From my good 'ol friend, who is always full of laughter and surprises......