01 November 2008

Quirky me!

Here's the tag that I am FINALLY getting around to doing!
Thanks, Makamae, for sending this one my way!

Here are the rules of the game:

1. Link the Person who Tagged you
2. Mention rules on your blog
3. Tell about 6 quirks of yours
4. Tag 6 fellow bloggers to do the same
5. Leave a comment to let them know

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1. My kitchen. Just ask Steven....! Everything from the food being cut a certain way, to the rolls in the oven being of a certain firmness when they are out of the oven, to the burgers being patted out & seasoned correctly...all the way to the condition of the tablecloth (must be even all around), & the way my fridge is arranged. Whenever Steven does the grocery shopping, I almost always have to rearrange everything. Quite time consuming, but it keeps me sleeping at night knowing that everything is just right!
2. Laundry. The detergent must be Era. The fabric softerner is either Snuggle or Downey (depending on whichever I used last time...I change it up every now & then). And the dryer sheets have to be bounty and either scented w/ fabreeze or something similar. I love the way fresh laundry smells, and enjoy smelling my clothes as I am putting them on in the morning. If it doesn't smell good when I put it on...I'll have to wear it later and put it in the laundry to be rewashed.
3. Shoes. Every shoe has a certain spot in my closet. If someone borrowed shoes when I was younger, I always knew (especially when Andrea borrowed them). They are all perfectly arranged. Steven just the other day was being nice and put away a pair of shoes I had sit beside the bed the day before...but he put them in the wrong place! ha ha ha. I just smiled and re-did it. At least I didn't yell!!!!
4. My closet. All my clothes hanging in my closet have to be a certain way. My clothes all face the left hand side of the closet. They are all color coordinated as well as sleeve-length coordinated. Steven is just getting the hang of it, but is finally getting better. My pants hang in the middle. To the left are the short sleeves and 3/4 length sleeves, and light sweaters to the back. To the right of my pants are short skirts, long skirts, and finally full dresses. If it has a button, I button the very top button only. Above the hanging items are my jeans, folded a certain way. I worked at Old Navy for a summer and had to fold a bizzillion jeans probably. It had to be done a certain way, and I liked the way they looked, so now my entire collection of jeans at the top of my closet (and Steven's, too)...has to be in a straight stack!

5. Smells. I HATE it when something doesn't have the right smell. Just the other day, at school, a kid came up to me and asked me to see his grade. Of course, I said...just a second, and I'll show you. In the meantime, two others came up, and among the 3 of them...someone did NOT put on their deoderant that morning. I couldn't take it anymore, and told them all 3 to go sit down. I asked first..."Did one of ya'll forget to put your D.O. on today, cuz I'm smellin' some horrific B.O." They all laughed, but I was being so serious! I love the way freshly cut grass smells. I love burning candles. I love candle warmers! I love Fabreeze. I adore Victoria's Secret lotions and spritzes! And I'm a stickler for cars...they have GOT to be up to par, or else I can't ride in them. I know, it's funny. But I'm really serious...if it smells bad, no thanks!
Yes, that is my FULL bag of Bath-n-Body Works scented oil thingys. I LOVE them, and couldn't live without them. But as you notice on the bag, I only buy them when they are $5 a piece (who in their right mind would pay $15 for ONE?) Sometimes I even get them for free...

6. Feet. I judge people. THERE, I said it! I look at feet first. For those of you that have seen Steven's toes, you are probably cracking up. He has a toenail that is dead, and another one growing underneath it. Ya...¡QuĂ© asco! (that is short for disgusting)...I mean, that is just plain nasty! I always joke around w/ him and say that if he's not nice to me, I'm gonna yank it off. But for real...I sometimes get embarassed if we go out in public and he chooses to wear flip flops. What if someone sees his toes? Will they think we don't believe in good toe hygene? I have to say...my family has pretty feet. Except my mother (who has a few toenails missing, short n stubby 3rd toes, and extra large 4th toes) and Andrea (who inherited mom's toes, and we've nicknamed her 4th toes..."E.T. toes"). Mine always have to be painted and trimmed. I can't help it, ok?!?!?!?!


ollie said...

Okay, I just about DIED of laughter reading about the kitchen one. Remember how you left signs out for me if I forgot to wash ONE freakin' dish? Or, remember the lecture you gave us all the first day you moved in about proper kitchen procedure??? I love you tam!

btw... I still have those signs!

Beverly said...

Child, you have GOT to relax. I thought I was bad! I got tired just reading all this stuff. Your husband puts shoes in the closet??? Shoes that aren't his?? I don't think Darrell even knows he HAS a closet! I console myself with the thought that one day he might not be around and I'll wish he was here leaving 3 pairs of shoes in the living room.

gd said...

Ooooh, love it love it love it! I only WISH I could be as exact as you about things...your closet rules make me jealous!! See, I have all these things in my *mind* that I have to be exact about...loading the dishwasher a certain way, making sure all the colored tubular plastic hangers in my closet go with or match the clothes they are hanging on...and someday I'll have a library that's totally alphabetized. But implementing these things is something else entirely.

Thanks for a fun post, and keep it up! Awesome! Don't listen to 'em when they say to relax!



emily said...

it takes all kinds to make the world go round! LOL! And your closet thing sounds an awful lot like mine used to for most of my 20's. I have since lost the color-coordinated/sleeve length thing. But lots of it is still the same.


liz said...

Tamara are you familiar with the term "OCD"?
I am here to say have you ever heard the story about women who was going through a divorce and tricked her husband out of their home with shrimp? That would be a perfect prank for you...