31 March 2012

Prepping for Costa Rica

I have recently started preparing for my upcoming adventure to Costa Rica.

**shout for joy**

I can't tell you just how excited I am to go to this country!!!!

We will experience so much OUTDOORS, and I am really excited. Here are some of the things we'll be doing while in Costa Rica this June:

- We'll be on the beach

- horseback riding through the rainforest, participating in a canopy tour (where you walk along bridges at the tippy toppy of the rainforest and see the wildlife that lives up there....monkeys, butterflies, birds, etc)

- Hiking to a hidden waterfall

- Whitewater rafting

- visiting and bathing in natural hot sprints

- seeing the tallest active volcano in the WORLD

...and that is only the beginning.

So...what would one purchase to prepare for such a trip?

Well, I've done some researching, and it seems you need a LOT of things that would be good for rainy weather. Such things as:

- waterproof light jacket & umbrella

- clothes that breath easily (and dry quickly)

- good shoes (that dry quickly, non-slip, and breathable)

Not sure what else...but those are some things I'll definitely be on the prowl for soon. I have covered ONE of those three NEEDS this weekend:


For Her:

Keen Sandals. You won't find these in the women's section....nope! That's because they are in the girls' section....yep, I can fit into a size 6 in youth!!!!! :) Score!!!! Anyone who has looked at the price tags on shoes by Keen, know that you are looking at a hefty price. But, check out the kids' section (if you can put up with bright colors and a bit of velcro, and the heel is a bit different. On the adult, it is a strap...so it is open-heel. On the youth, it is closed-heel)...they sell for 1/2 price!!! I LURV the color, & I am a size 8 women, and I fit PERFECTLY into a youth size 6.

For Him:

Anyone that knows Steven, knows that he was not willing to fork over that kind of money....especially when there is not a youth size option for his large feet! So, I was out this weekend and happened upon these "zipline" shoes by G. H. Bass & Company. I rarely ever buy anything in this store, but my mom always like to look around. They are also $100 shoes, but they had a 50% off sale of men's shoes. Plus, they were having 30% off of that the day I went. Plus, I had a coupon for 15% of that. Yep, his shoes were $25. They are a little big (because his feet are so skinny and flat), but he says they are comfy, and he likes them!!!!! SCORE!!!!

(the pair I bought was the other color....grey/navy/with orange accents on the ties).

So...all in all, I was prepared to spend $100 on shoes. :(


What I got for $100 instead was:

- one pair of kids keen sandals

- one pair of aqua shoes for men

- 10 pair of socks for hubby

- date night to see Hunger Games w/ popcorn & soda

...can't beat that


The Ottley's said...

Stop. The. World. Did tamara actually do 2 blog posts in the same month.

Call the ambulance I'm havin myself a heart attack!
Love ya!

Ellaniemae said...

What great deals you found!! I am excited to hear about the details of your trip... I hope you have sooo much fun!