06 December 2011


A few weeks ago, I got in the mood to make individual Christmas gifts for family members.
I started looking for ideas ALL around me.
Steven & I recently bought new bed sheets, and they came in a very plain drawstring baggy thinggy. So I thought, "HEY! This would be sooo much cuter if ...., and if ...., and if ....." AND, these could be so useful if ....., and if ....., and if ......"
So, I commenced my project.
I was so excited at the idea of my new project. I thought of all the wonderful things I could use for my baggy: makeup bag, travel bag, pencil bag, catch-all bag....the possibilities were endless, really! For girls, anyway. I didn't quite know what the boys would do with them, but for Steven, he collects chess sets....so he could use a baggy to put his tiny "men" in. So I thought, "whatever. They will use them for whatever, but I can't just make something for the girls. It has to be for EVERYONE."
So, I started the crafty journey, knowing full & well that's it been 2 years since I've even taken the dust cover off my sewing machine. Ahem. No, I haven't lost my "touch", but I knew I'd be a bit rusty, that's all.

Day 1:
I went to JoAnn's fabrics and purchased the cutest fabric I could find. Seriously, ya'll...there are so many cute ideas. I couldn't settle for one. I came home with 15 types of fabric. Take a look...there is something for everyone...men, women, kids...c'mon...you KNOW you love the colors/patterns. And if you don't, whatevuh.....it's my project. I get to decide what to give you. Be lucky it's not a lump of coal for your bad attitude. So there.
Day 2:
I ironed my fabric. I figured it'd been a while, but I had my pattern and process in my head. I hooked up the sewing machine and cut up some of the bed sheets that I'd replaced due to a hole in it. MAN...I love those sheets. So soft. So wonderful. Anyway, I started cutting. And then I sewed. At first, the bag was a bit lopsided, but I could handle that. I was just sewing for size, really, and to see if my "idea" in my head for a pattern would work. It really didn't turn out all THAT bad, but it did need some alterations.
So, all was going dandy. UNTIL I got to the lettering on the front. Ya see...I wanted to do everyone's initial on the front. It would be so cute in a different, contrasting color. And to make a cute lil drawsting at the top in the same contrasting fabric.
I could see it in my head. My vision was clear.
I started sewing. I messed up 4 times and had to take everything out. It was horrible. In the end, it was crooked, it had crinkles, it had bumps, and it was just plain ugly. I did start with the worst letter possible...S. So many curves. So much movement. Steven said, "well, just do block letters"...but they aren't as cute.
So I gave up. Steven has a ratty ol personalized bag made of old bedsheets. The S is horrible, and I didn't even do the contrasting color yet. I just wanted to make a sample. The sample is horrible, but here it is in all it's glory.
Yes, I gave up. I have purchased all this cute fabric, and I have no idea what to do with all of it. One day, I'll sew again. One day I'll be creative again. Just not with letters that are curvy that move around on me. I'm not THAT good yet, folks.
So all you family members out there...look at that sample above. You have two choices: either BALL your eyes out b/c you're not gonna get a cute lil catch-all bag for whatever your heart desires, craftily make by yours truly. Or two, you can cry tears of joy b/c you wouldn't know what to do with it anyway, and it probably would've never been used anyway.
Whatever you decide to do, fine. Just know that I love you enough and I'm sane enough to quit when it's the right thing to do.


gay said...

well, tip #1...don't start with an S. too complex. haha love ya, tam! girl, good intentions go a long way. you remember that!

TheRapunzelGirl said...

make the bags. use fabric paint for the letters.

less stress. :)

Margie said...

Umm.. sorry this was an fail.. but can we do dinner soon?! :(

Mary Decker said...

Or you could back those cute letters with iron on stuff (forgot what it is offically called) and make them completely iron on- no sewing and permanent. You would even still have the surprise factor telling everyone they were a fail in reality they would be the cutest bags on the planet (I'm always way optimistic on my projects). PS I have a huge closet full of epic fails :-)!

Beverly @ The Buzz said...

Lauren does a really cute drawstring bag that she swears is super easy. You should talk to her. Nice try though! ;-)

Emily S. said...

Oh MAN!!! I KNOw this feeling so very much!!

Here's the deal. You and Steve come to STL for a weekend (it doesn't even have to be in time for the holidays)... and bring all that cute fabric and your machine. I'll help you do a different kind of letter if you want to resurrect the bag idea, or we'll come up with some other cute ideas for that fabric for gifts. It'll be a sew-a-palooza. And you'll get back on the horse and feel GREAT again. Because it was a GREAT idea. Don't let it die!! ♥♥

Peeser said...

LOVE the idea, especially with the adorable fabric you picked out. Sorry for the failed attempt at making your vision a reality. If you can squeeze in the time, Emily's idea is a good one- I know between you two crafty ladies, you could make this work. But, if you decide not to do the bags, that's okay by me. I know you already have enough on your plate to have to stress over something like that.

I can't wait to see you soon!

Jeanne Lambson said...

Good replies from everyone. I think Emily will be able to help you with the applique because she learned from me and then learned even more from others.